“I’m going on an adventure”


I went on a two week journey around Middle-Earth/New Zealand. First stop was Auckland and second stop was Rotorua – traveled for an hour from there to go to Hobbiton. Yes, it’s a real place and exactly like in the movies. All I can say is that it’s beautiful and even if you’re not a fan, you would be mesmerised. I’ve uploaded the photos on tumblr so click the link, well, links or just scroll my page on there because I took many photos!

After Hobbiton, Wellington was the next stop and visited Weta Cave (Weta is behind the special effects and makeup for several works especially Lord of the Rings). Even though it’s small and crowded, Weta Cave is a worth a visit. 

Image (Wellington from Mt. Victoria)

Image (Weta Cave)



Something inspirational


Hello! I hope everyone’s having a great start of 2014. I’ve been busy, being social offline and returned to writing last week. I realised that I’ve been a hermit from then on. I felt down at that, thinking “Wow, I’m so not social. My friends probably think I’m ignoring them. I really don’t have a life.”

But I came up with something that would make me feel better and not ashamed of being a writer. So I’m going to share it with you: Whenever you feel like you don’t have a life or someone tells you that you don’t have one, say to yourself that your stories are your life. You live for your stories.

I hope that’s inspirational.

I’ve Returned with NaNoWriMo Warmups


Hello! I’ve been busy with uni work and my internship which finished last month. I miss you all!

So November is approaching and you know what that means? It’s time for NaNoWriMo again! I’m nervous! I decided to write a list of things that would calm me down and hopefully for you too. Okay, here we go…

1) Write everyday even for 10 seconds. Be it poems, blogging, tweeting, and short stories or even one line.  I would start with character biographies and write an outline of my story.

2) Listen to music. Lord of the Rings/Hobbit music is my preferred choice to inspire epicness in my story.

3) Read, read, read books. Research historical facts or any information if you need to.

4) If you suffer a writer’s block, you go out for a walk or run.

5) Write down your dreams (both goals and dreams dreams) . It helps to inspire new stories.

6) Talk to other writers. Encourage each other,

7) This applies to me, I don’t know about you but staring and watching Richard Armitage helps to motivate me. Hehe.

8) Go to art galleries. You never know if you come across a painting that inspires you.

9) Spending time at a library, cafe or at a park – meditate.

10) Have fun writing. NEVER FORGET THIS.

Additional/optional points:

1) Write in whatever clothes you feel comfortable in while writing. I prefer PJs. Sitting cross legged. Very comfortable.

2) Have tea or hot chocolate in a Tardis mug.  Summon nerdpower!

3) Use your lucky pen.




So excited! :D

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Shadowhunters! Check out this new clip from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. The clip, which was shown at the Mortal Instruments event at the Apple store in Soho last night, centers on Jace bringing Clary and Simon to the Institute, as well as Clary dealing with the effects of a demon bite.

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Mourning over the Beard




A loyal lover mourning over her beloved, sitting on a windowsill, a river streaming below.


O, you were beautiful, majestic even.

You were a comfort to me when winter came,

Warming me up until there were blushes across

My cheeks.

Many have looked up to you in awe,

Praising you and believing that you lived forever.

Others wonder why many are longing for

Your touch.

They simply don’t see beauty and wisdom.

Beauty and wisdom you possessed.

You will be remembered for that.

O, why did you have to leave this world?

Was there another world you preferred over ours?

It doesn’t matter.

I will wait for you to return.

Supanova 2013 – Sydney – The Dwarves from The Hobbit


Today I went to Supanova, Sydney’s version of Comic Con, dressed as a Shadowhunter. It was the first time going to an expo for fanboys/girls and I went alone since none of my friends are hardcore nerds (Note to self: get nerd friends). I was nervous about going because of that but I reminded myself that I would be meeting Aidan Turner, Jed Brophy and Adam Brown.

It was a day of waiting, waiting, waiting…and waiting. I lined up about 3 hours early and ended up in another line when the doors opened to get tickets for photos and autographs. Very pricey, so I chose one photo: with Aidan, and three autographs for all the actors – I couldn’t miss one or two – they’re all precious to me. After getting the tickets, I moved on to another line – the signings, and it was a popular one. It was Aidan’s line. I waited there for 2 hours and I was annoyed that people with VIP tickets jumped the queue. At the last minute. They’re fans? Why did they come so late? I don’t think it’s fair for those who made the effort to arrive hours earlier in wintry weather. If you’re a true fan, then you would be first in line regardless whether or not you have a VIP ticket.

Anyway, I was anxious about the time. It was past 10.30, the scheduled time for the signings, and no celeb had appeared. I had to line up for the photos – scheduled for 11.20! But finally someone came out: Karl Urban. My god, that man is hotter outside the screen. Then came Aidan, Adam and Jed! I was shaking quite a bit…the cold had something to do with it too.

The line was moving slowly and all I did was stare at the actors. They’re so pretty. It was finally my turn and Aidan said “Hi, I’m Aidan. What’s your name?” and shook my hand. I surprised myself by responding coherently. Where did this confidence come from? Maybe his smile and touch killed off my nervousness. I still don’t know how that’s possible! He signed my Hobbit book whilst we talked about Wellington not having a premiere and he said that the cast might go to Moscow and another city in Europe. He was done with my book and I thanked him, and he thanked me with that smile that rivaled the sunshine. And I must say his accent is just…edible. Seriously, I want to eat him and his voice. Everything.

I was smiling and blushing as I went out and joined the long and confusing (“zig-zag”) queue to the photo area. More waiting but I kept myself occupied with Aidan’s signature and looking here. There. Everywhere around the place. There’s always something new to look at in the same area. So many people dressed up: Khaleesi, female Captain America, female Legolas, the snow king from Adventure Time, stormtroopers, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan, Vader, hobbits, elves (Thorin would hate their presence so much the place would burst into flames), dwarves (I saw Fili and Kili), Gandalf, Doctor Who (and a female Doctor), Ironman, and many more.

Fast-forward. I went deeper into the photo area and Aidan was there with open arms. He remembered me! He wrapped an arm around me and I did the same. His sides are hard. I’ll leave that to your fantasies. The picture was done and once again he thanked me and I echoed back and almost tripped on my way out. While I waited to pick up my photo, I went over to get Jed and Adam’s autographs. There weren’t a lot of people. It was sad. It was sad most people wanted to see Aidan, that it made me doubt that they were fans of The Hobbit/LOTR.

Anyway, I approached Adam. He was so sweet, quiet and cute. Seriously, I would marry him. He would be a good Doctor too. He didn’t talk much while he signed my book and I felt a little awkward but he did smile and thanked me and that was enough to relieve me. Next was Jed. Very talkative. I mentioned how cold it was and hoped that New Zealand wouldn’t be when I go there in December. Jed said it would be warm and asked what I plan to do there and I answered that I initially wanted to attend the premiere of the next Hobbit movie in Wellington but there wouldn’t be now. Here, Jed surprised me with: “We have an after party. You can come along.”

He said that it will be in Wellington in December and he said something about performing with a band. I might have misheard him because I was stunned but he definitely said something about a band. I just can’t believe he invited me and said “See you there” with a thumb up. Then it was time to calm down and get food. And there’s a long line for that too. I collected my photo with Aidan. God, the blush was very visible across my cheeks. I also went to the WETA stand and met Gollum and his fishes (in statue form) and was about to buy Thorin’s ring (though a little pricey) but the one they had in store were big for me, so they gave me a “treasure card” so that I could buy a small size online.

Next up was the seminar, hosted by Mark Ferguson who played Gil-Galad in FOTR. I was sitting around the front rows behind the VIP seats, so not too close and not too far. Adam, Jed and Aidan came on stage. It was evident that the applause for Aidan was more vocal than the ones  for the other two. Again it bothered me. Is that normal at conventions?

The seminar was basically Q&A. A lot of interesting questions – I can’t remember most of them. A lot were directed to Aidan. No surprise there. But there were a few for Adam and Jed, and several to the three. Memorable answers were Jed saying that BagEnd was his favourite scene and appreciation for Nori’s starfish hairdo, Adam’s “slinghot training” and saying that he would play Galadriel if he was to choose which character to play – that reminded me of his answer to what was the name of Gandalf’s sword last year haha. Aidan’s answer to what was his favourite bromance: him and Dean. And the “who would win in a cage fight” question made a reappearance: a fight between Dean and Aidan. The answer was Aidan. An echo to Richard Armitage’s answer.

The seminar ended with Jed asking us a question and whoever had the right answer would get a gold dwarf coin that he had with him. The question was: who’s Smaug’s father? Hard question. I couldn’t remember myself and no one did either but this little kid did and won the coin.

That’s it for now. Looking forward for Day 2 at Supanova. So stay tuned.